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Small Dogs

We have taken the step to be able to board small dogs separated  from large dogs where this is requested. The small dog compound has a fully insulated and air conditioned internal sleeping area, with each dog having access to an external run through its own doggie door. We have a front yard of turf for small dog activities etc. 

Heating and cooling just to keep your "best friend" as comfortable as possible.

We only use the best food and are happy to manage dogs on special diets. We use, recommend and sell Premium Grainfree Dog Food. We would love you to come and check out or facilities and meet us and our boarders!

Great shaded play area

We have a dedicated small dog play area that is shaded in summer for supervised small dog playtimes interaction if requested to make your small dogs stay here that extra special  

High Quality Food

We only use high quality food and prefer to use grainfree. We have found this product to be highly nutritious with limited adverse tummy upsets and with a great taste that most dogs just love. If your dog is on a special diet we are happy to accomodate that too.

Air conditioned comfort

Our small dog area is air conditioned providing relief from the heat in summer and a cosy warm sleeping spot during winter..

Access inside or out..

The small dog runs allow access inside and outside during the day if the weather is good. On those cold days that we can here at Guying we can shut the "doggie doors" to conserve heat and keep all the small dogs nice and warm.

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