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Big Dogs


We have taken the step to be able to board large dogs separated from small dogs where this is requested. The large dog compound has a courtyard of pens facing into turfed exercise yards that has been covered with 4 large shade sails and a large Chinese poplar tree that keep this area cool in the summer. We also have two sand pits just to create some fun for some of the boarders to find buried treats. The pens have Coldmist System installed above covered beds just to take make the yards cool even in the hottest days in summer. For winter we have insulated boxes with heat pads fitted just to keep those Orange chills away. Heating and cooling just to keep your "best friend" as comfortable as possible.The front paddock is security fenced and is our dedicated area for real playtime activities for dogs of all sizes. We only use the best food and are happy to manage dogs on special diets. We use, recommend and sell Premium Grainfree pet food and have an optional BARF available. We would love you to come and check out or facilities and meet us and our boarders!





Shady exercise yards







Cool Mist System for summer






Insulated and optionally heated boxes.



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