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Pamela Dury

Customer Services Manager.

Pamela is our customer services manager from Monday to Friday 9 to 5 pm. Pamela is a vet nurse and manages our busy office and will more than likely take your call or answer your emails during week days.

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Nicolle Woodforth

Team Member

Nicolle is one of our newer boarding operations team members. Here she is with her "best friend" Freyer!

Laura Draper

Boarding Operations & Customer Service

Laura is our passionate carer with background as a vet nurse she is part of our boarding operations team and often you will talk  with her when she does customer service on the weekends. 

Megan Dolton

Boarding Operations

Megan is one of our boarding operations team members and you might likely talk with her if you call on the weekend as she often does customer service over the weekend periods.

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