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We have a well equipped cattery with very large individual runs for your cat, each with its own balcony. The facility is now insulated and air conditioned making the break from you all that less stressful. 
All the units have their own tower with scratching poles and nooks and crannies to hide in.  All for your cat to just relax in the sun.

Inside the cattery we have plants and  it just feels like home.

We only use the best food and are happy to manage cats on special diets. We use, recommend and sell Premium Cat Food . 

We use the best cat litter around made by Ozpet. It is a woodwaste pellet that is environmentally friendly, has no additives and minimizes litter waste and litter odour. All round a great product!! See all the information at

This is your cat's home away from home!

Large air conditioned  runs

When it is too hot or too cold we have air conditioned comfort for the cats.


Tall towers

Every cat run has its own cat tower with nooks and crannies for the cats to explore.

Sunny balconies

When the weather is good the cats love to sit on the balancy off every cat run to soak up the sun and fresh air.



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